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Real People, Real Stories campaign launches

In March this year, with the backing of the Suicide Prevention Duty Holders Group the fourth national rail industry suicide prevention campaign was launched, Real People, Real Stories (RPRS). As with previous campaigns it has a Samaritans feel to it as the industry continue to promote their services to those who may be in emotional or suicidal crisis.

The campaign has had a significant amount of interest and generated a lot of personal stories like this one:

My name is K, I’m 19 and I’ve lost 2 brothers to suicide. And I have recently seen your posters on the walls of the train station. And there’s one that hit me and it was the yellow one, saying; ‘There’s always someone who cares for you. Gary’. This hit me like a tonne of bricks, it felt like you put that there, in the perfect position to show me. I’ve not been dealing very well over the last few weeks and seeing that poster just made my day. I was wondering, if I could purchase said poster? Because having that up in my house would be the most positive reassurance that I’m not alone in this world.”

As well as through posters the campaign has reached a significant audience through other mediums:

  • Social media reach is now at 3,502,695 across paid and organic, with al-most 30k engagements and the campaign landing page on the website has been viewed 12k times
  • The YouTube bumper six second film has delivered 2 million impressions over target, and is now at 8.28 million impressions
  • TalkSPORT radio features with sporting influencers have proved to be very effective in offering the opportunity for a deeper level of engagement with the target audiences

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