Briefing document for volunteers taking part in station awareness events to promote the Small Talk Saves Lives campaign

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The Central Suicide Prevention Team (CSPT) launched a Small Talk Saves Lives volunteering scheme, at Milton Keynes Central station in 2018 following a spate of suicides there in late 2017.

Since the Spring of 2018, volunteers from Network Rail have attended the station to engage with customers and help spread the campaign message. Network Rail employees can use their volunteer leave to take part in this initiative.

The initiative continues to be a great success and volunteers have reported they feel as though they’re having a direct impact on customers and raising awareness of the work the industry does in relation to suicide prevention. Customers have also responded to the initiative via social media in support of the volunteers and the campaign in general.

The CSPT have created a four page briefing document for volunteers who wish to take part in or arrange station awareness events. It includes factors for consideration such as personal health and safety needs whilst promoting the campaign together with hints and tips from those already engaged in volunteering.

If you wish to facilitate a station awareness session and need Small Talk Saves Lives collateral such as branded travel card wallets and inserts as well as tabards (for volunteer identification purposes), please email

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