Training industry people to identify and support vulnerable people

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The industry is committed to reducing suicides on the railway and in the communities it is part of.  One of the most successful ways to achieve this is through staff intervening in suicide attempts.  Over 20,000 individuals have received special training since 2010 to do just that.

Our bespoke training courses are award winning.  There is a full days training course led by Samaritans – Managing Suicidal Contacts and for those unable to attend that a 30 minute briefing video – the Learning Tool is available.  The Learning Tool has been designed so that everyone can play their part in the industry’s suicide prevention programme, from preventing a suicide, to understanding the trauma such events can have on those directly involved in them. The tool has been developed at the request of the industry to make the details and materials of the programme more accessible to all of its people through video content that can form part of a briefing, training or personal awareness package.

Below is some course information for the Managing Suicidal Contacts (MSC) and Trauma Support (TST) courses, please contact railcompanies@samaritans.orgto find out more.


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