Trauma support – Supporting those making a life-saving intervention on the railway

June 4, 2019 11:33 am Published by

Intervening in suicide attempts remains one of the most effective ways to prevent them occurring on the network and many of the 20,000 rail industry staff that are trained to intervene, actually have.

With the increasing number of interventions being made in suicide attempts it is no surprise that some colleagues are having to intervene more than once. Interventions can be challenging so it is important to know how to help colleagues who are making them.

The Central Suicide Prevention Team has created a Trauma Support leaflet which includes nine methods for helping a colleague in emotional distress. The leaflet was created because although there are many methods available to both internal and external rail staff, there was not a one stop shop where colleagues could find all these methods in one place.

The leaflet also aims to promote alternative support options to those who need it but may not necessarily want to speak with their line manager or HR.

The trauma support leaflet seeks to provide basic, easy to follow and sensible advice on what to do if you are feeling emotionally vulnerable after a traumatic event. Feeling vulnerable is natural as is asking others to support you in a time of need.

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