Creating Hope Through Action This World Suicide Prevention Day 2022


Each death by suicide has a profound impact on loved ones, friends and family, colleagues, witnesses (when applicable) and at times entire communities.

Ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day; which promotes the message that suicide is preventable by engaging with organisations, the public and government with an aim to reduce stigma and raise awareness;  our new Central Suicide Prevention Team Nurse Lead fulfilled her commitment to Network Rail Anglia and the town of Romford to deliver suicide prevention training.

Over two dates and in one of the towns much loved cinemas ‘Premiere’, invited delegates received a one-hour masterclass in suicide prevention using the ‘RAILSs’ method. RAILSs stands for Recognise, Ask, Intervene, Listen, Signpost, Self Care and promotes the message that by following simple steps a person has the potential to save or change someone’s life. It reinforces that we all play a role in suicide prevention, and also in recognising our own vulnerabilities and the need to have positive coping strategies.

This was a collaboration with the cinema, Mercury Mall, Romford Business Improvement District and as such delegates those that are in public facing roles across the town. Attendees included the towns security and domestic staff, town ambassadors, youth workers and individuals that support the towns homeless population. Everyone that attended left with a certificate, a badge, and a copy of a customised version of the ‘All On Board’ directory that signposts not only to national agencies but also to a multitude of services in the Havering borough.

This training is evidence of our dedication to community action and early intervention and signposting to support for those who may be at current or future risk of suicide. However, we also know that those who come to our stations in crisis embarked on a journey to get there; by equipping the people they may pass or even interact with on that journey with the skills and confidence to recognise and intervene we can promote safer methods of accessing help and support. The new Embedded Anglia nurse Arifa Wadiwala joined too, and looks forward to continuing the work in the region.


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