Support Materials

The rail industry’s suicide prevention programme provides a range of training and learning materials to support industry personnel to play an important role in preventing suicide on the network and to support those who may be affected by a suicide incident.

Some examples of these materials are described below, and PDF versions of all available materials can also be downloaded here or requested via

Suicide Prevention Handbook

This NSPSG pocket handbook contains all the basic yet essential information to help you make a difference and can be used as an aide memoir to the key topics covered in the Learning Tool.

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Tactics Card

Information on how to identify and approach a person in need on a pocket sized double sided card.

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Back On Track

Detailed advice for staff who may find themselves involved in the management of traumatic events, such as Network Rail Mobile Operations Managers or in their aftermath, train depot maintenance personnel.

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Journey To Recovery

A guidance document providing advice and support for drivers and driver managers who have, or who might witness traumatic events such as suicides, or who needed to offer support to those that have.

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Delivery and communications guidance

This document provides information to support roll-out of the Learning Tool in briefings, on intranets and in inductions. It also provides content for communicating your roll-out within your organisation.

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Supporting you

Whatever you’re facing, Samaritans are there to listen – day or night. Call them free on 116 123, or visit
(*this number is FREE to call) samaritans